Immersive Horror
Experience at Scare City

Step into your worst nightmare at the world’s longest outdoor horror attraction. Soak up horrendously depraved sights and blood curdling screams at this once in a deathtime experience.

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Experience the Fear
of the Unknown

A 2km walk through different zones of terror. Will you make it out alive?

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Terror at the
Theme Park.

Experience pure horror at the old Camelot Theme Park. Now abandoned, what deadly scenes await you at Scare City?

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  • 2km horror
    walk through
  • Live
  • Not for the
    faint hearted
  • 2 Hour fully
We are building the worlds longest outdoor horror attraction!!

About Scarecity

Want to be scared out of your mind? Scare City is back – bigger, better, and bloodier than ever.

Confront the fear of the unknown, as a 2km long trail leads victims through countless zones of pure, unadulterated terror. For the first time ever, this really is a city full of scares.

Walk through a living nightmare as you pass through such depraved horrors as Knightmare Alley, the Forest of Fears, and Medieval Murder Zone. Do not fear – there are plenty more deliciously evil zones to meet your end in, as you attempt to survive a mile long trek through the unknown.

Complete with live actors to scare you witless, this 2-hour immersive experience is for those seeking the ultimate fair of scares.

Experience the world’s longest outdoor horror attraction. Visit Scare City and prepare for an eternal stay. You’ll be lucky to make it out alive.

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Scarecity Camelot

Based in the crumbling walls of the old Camelot Theme Park, Scare City Chorley is our flagship horror event.

Set to the backdrop of the mythical castle, amongst the ruins of a fairground from the past, there’s no better place to have your nerves shredded and your mind melted.

£20 Per Person
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Scarecity Camelot VIP

Become a Scare City VIP and experience more violent delights than your fellow victims.

Tickets include a drink at our in-trail bar (alcoholic or otherwise), access to the VIP seating area, and an exclusive Scare City branded gift.

£40 Per Person
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Scare City Zones - Click to find out more

  • If you make it this far with your guts still on the inside, you will be rewarded with a visit to the old Camelot castle – more bloody than sweet, with evil lurking in every corner.
  • The dead will rise as Scare City plays host to the resurrection of pure evil. Think you can outrun your fate? Think again.
  • Take a stroll through the woods and try to keep your head, as a whirlwind of natural terror bombards you from every angle.
  • Confront your fears in our terror-laden forest. Be careful not to lose yourself amongst the trees, as your body and soul are on the line.
  • Panic is just the beginning in this devilishly dangerous zone. Come face to face with the satanic forces of hell and see if you can handle the heat.
  • The final resting place for all the tortured souls that have passed through Scare City, and the source of its unrepentant evil. Take your final step and be careful not to be laid to rest as a permanent resident.
  • If this zone comes across as a little mysterious, rest assured that its effect is simple – extreme scares and screaming victims lie ahead.
  • A Knight like no other comes to the Medieval Murder Zone, as terrors from days gone by lay siege to Camelot once more.
  • Where the legendary Knights of Camelot once roamed, great evil now prowls the streets looking for its living prey. Passing safely through the alley will be a deadly task.
  • Don’t be fooled – this quaint village is harbouring a deadly secret. Once it’s shared, you will be scared.
  • If you’re in the mood to share by this point, here you will receive a grim and grotesque reply. Try to keep to yourself as you pass through this zone, lest you become a puddle of human suffering.
  • Showcasing the site’s theme park past, Carni Valley brings a horrific history and petrifying present together to chill you to the core.
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    It was amazing plus scary. When the zombie thing what ever it was treid to climb in the car I never moved so fast to the boot in my life!

    Verified Customer
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    Was an amazing night from start to finish, everyone played a good part, definitely recommend it.

    Verified Customer
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    Unreal experience, fun, definitely recommended to anyone and hopefully more nights to come. Would definitely go back.

    Verified Customer
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    This was an all round fanatastic experience, good fun and profesional set up.

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How much does it cost?
Standard Tickets are £20 per person

VIP Tickets are £40 per person
What does the VIP ticket include?
VIP Tickets include a drink (choice of alcoholic or not) at our in-trail bar, access to the VIP seating area and a Scare City Experience branded gift!
Are tickets transferable or refundable?
Tickets are non-refundable, they may be transferred to an alternative date/time subject to availability and giving 14 days' notice.
When should I arrive?
Arriving 30 minutes before your allocated entry time will give you time to park and attend registration. You must arrive at registration together with everyone booked in your group. Your ticket will only be valid for you and your group as long as you are together when entering the scare trail. Please do not attend registration separately.
What if I am running late?
We ask all visitors to arrive at least 30 minutes before their allocated entry time. Allocated time slots must be strictly observed to ensure the visitor flow and capacities are observed. If you arrive later than your allocated time slot we will endeavour to adjust your entry time (subject to availability).
How long is the experience?
Please allow at least 2 hours for your visit.

Arriving 30 minutes before your allocated entry time will give you time to park and attend registration. The scare trail is over 2 kilometres long, it will take approximately 90 minutes including some time for optional refreshments at the halfway point.
What if it rains?
The Scare City experience is an outdoor event with some indoor elements. The show will go on regardless of the weather so wrap up warm, bring an umbrella and be prepared for an amazing night!
Are food and drink available?
Yes! There will be food, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages available to purchase at both the Scare Village and mid-way through the experience. Alcohol sales will be strictly controlled, and a challenge 25 policy will be in place.
Are the actors allowed to make physical contact with me?
No, the event is contact free. We can't however rule out some extremely close encounters with our scare park inhabitants, be warned! Likewise, visitors are not permitted to make physical contact with the actors, any occurrence may result in removal from the venue.
Is there an age restriction?
All visitors must be 16 years and over. Children under 16 years will not gain entry to the event, (even if accompanied by a responsible adult). Visitors may be asked for photographic I.D to prove their age.
What about coronavirus?
The event is largely outdoor. Facemasks and clear covid tests are not required for entry. However, toilet facilities will be cleaned regularly with sanitiser available. Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell.
Are there any other entry restrictions?
The Scare City Experience is a live-action, immersive scare event. You will experience intense audio & lighting, extreme low visibility, strobe lights, fog, damp or wet conditions and a physically demanding environment. It is not recommended for people with limited mobility, light-sensitive reactions, heart or respiratory conditions, back/muscle/skeletal conditions or if you are pregnant.
The Scare City Experience is set in an abandoned theme park. Due to the existing topography of the venue, the scare trail consists of undulating surfaces, steps and narrow passageways. Whilst the trail itself is not accessible to wheelchairs or persons with limited mobility including frames and crutches. Everyone is welcome to join us in the main Scare Village (at the entrance) which is free to access and will feature screens with content and music, food and drink concessions, merchandise, and accessible toilet facilities.
Do I need to sign a disclaimer?
Yes, this will be issued on arrival and must be completed before entering the scare trail.
Are pets allowed?
No, pets are not allowed in any area of the event space. Assistance dogs are permitted in the fully accessible Scare Village.
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